Friday, April 30, 2010

Oracle Forms 6i vs. Oracle 11gR2

Oracle Forms 6i is a well known application, and despite it no longer being supported, it shares a huge user base. Most applications are so vast that it's simply not feasible to ever upgrade them. Instead some are being gradually replaced while others just drag on.

While Oracle Forms 6i client is of course supported even on Windows 7 and Server 2008, it is unclear whether it will be play nice with future Oracle database releases.

Oracle datase 11gR2 has been released on Windows platforms too, I considered upgrading our old RDBMS to 11gR2. Of course we use Oracle Forms 6i client/server, which is only certified for Oracle 10gR1.

To my surprise, Oracle Forms 6i is able to connect to 11gR2 using username/password. When using
Native Windows Authentication however, the client just freezes for a few seconds, then quits. I tried all patches, and even patched Oracle RSF to - but the problem remained. It seems to be a fundemalten problem as the client is unable to connect to a 11gR2 database as soon as the parameter sqlnet.authentication_services includes NTS.

With 11gR1 however, everything's fine in this regard.