Tuesday, February 28, 2012

trac-0.12.3 and HTML notification

Trac still does not do HTML mails. As I've written before, it can be hacked to send good looking HTML notifications, though. I happily used trac-0.12.2 until I discovered some issues with subversion-1.7.
So I upgraded to trac-0.12.3, the upgrade went seamlessly. All it took as a repository resync for changesets with removed files to show up again. Yay!
Of course trac still doesn't send HTML notifications, so I had to apply my previous patches from trac-0.12.2. Except for trac/ticket/notification.py this was rather easy. See my diff here or grab it from pastebin.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

trac and HTML notifications

Hacking Trac

Of course I used a modified trac 0.10 before, so there were some features I wanted to keep. The most important one are HTML notifications on ticket changes. Today, in trac 0.12.2 this feature still hasn't made it into their trunk. I find it sad really, but that's another story.

There are a few places that offer patches, but none is complete, and worst of all, none seems to work with trac 0.12.2 right away.

So, for any poor souls in the same situation, here's what I did to make it work. First of all download the sources for trac (v0.12.2 in my case), grabbed the best parts of the patches mentioned above, and set to work patching trac. Then I created an egg file, installed it and restarted apache. That's all!