Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oracle SQLDeveloper on Windows x64

There is a new version of Oracle SQLDeveloper available. The release notes are here. This time there is even a build for 64bit Windows platforms available. All that needs to be done after unpacking is to point it to the JDK x64 java.exe. It doesn't work with a 32bit JDK!

There were quite some workarounds floating around to make it work. Having to install a 32bit JDK on a 64bit OS for a 32bit Java application always seemed weird to me. So I'm glad Oracle finally got around the bend and provide a fully functional SQL Developer for Windows x64.

Of course the language / regional fix still applies to this version, as they didn't bother to include a GUI option to specify them. In case you are wondering why your SQL Developer shows up in some weird language other than English, add these lines to your sqldeveloper/bin/sqldeveloper.conf:
AddVMOption -Duser.language=en
AddVMOption -Duser.country=US

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