Tuesday, July 6, 2010

XenServer and Dell OMSA - addendum

As I've written here it is indeed possible to install Dell OMSA on a XenServer 5.6 host without DDK. I've taken a brand new Dell R710 machine and decided to give it a go.
After I followed the instrcutions I encountered some weird issues though. The OMSA Webinterface was buggy, and only a few sensors were available.

For instance
# omreport chassis temps
Error! No temperature probes found on this system.
certainly didn't seem right. After some googling I thought I found the cuplrit in missing modules, namely dcdbas and dcdipm. I found only dcdbas was present, but not loaded:
# modprobe -l -v|grep dcd
Loading it didn't help though. After more googling I found that openipmi is required, but isn't being installed during the OMSA install. So I installed it, restarted all omsa services and everything works fine:

# omreport chassis temps
Temperature Probes Information

Main System Chassis Temperatures: Ok

Index : 0
Status : Ok
Probe Name : System Board Ambient Temp
Reading : 28.0 C
Minimum Warning Threshold : 8.0 C
Maximum Warning Threshold : 42.0 C
Minimum Failure Threshold : 3.0 C
Maximum Failure Threshold : 47.0 C

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