Monday, September 19, 2011

rancid updates

I'm still happy about rancid, that I blogged about previously. I used one more change by Stefan Kublik that is also present in rancid-git:
Remove memory addresses from "show controllers" to avoid unnecessary change notifications

This is done by changing a line in bin/rancid from 
ProcessHistory("INT","","","!Interface: $INT$1\n") && next;
ProcessHistory("INT","","","!Interface: $INT\n") && next;

In other words, just remove the $1 and you will change these lines:
!Interface: FastEthernet0/0, GT96K FE ADDR: 63F52098, FASTSEND: 62084C3C, MCI_INDEX: 0
into these:
!Interface: FastEthernet0/0,

In other news, it turned out to be tricky to have rancid automatically updating a trac repository with post-commit hooks. Trac is very picky when it comes to permissions, and you need write access to the trac environment and to the trac logfile to do that. Try out the "trac-admin changeset" command works before debugging svn-hooks, ok?

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