Monday, December 17, 2012

Oracle OMS Agent migration

I've recently migrated a few Oracle databases to Enterprise Manager 12c. While this is worth a few posts on it's own, here's just a quick hint of how to update the IP/hostname of an agent after it's been registered at OEM.

First, verify that the agent is responding to requests, by navigating to the new IP/host with your browser:
Then log on to the OEM repository DB as sysman. The table MGMT_TARGETS holds all the juicy agent details. Just update the column EMD_URL with the new value, and everything is fine.
For instance
update mgmt_targets set emd_url=replace(emd_url,'my.server.lan','my.new_server.lan')  where target_name like '%my.server.lan%';
Verify your changes in the view MGMT$TARGET.
Finally the agent should be available in Setup - Agents at once. I then resync'd the agent from EMS, and secured the agent. All targets were up and running without issues then.

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